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Request to send Passwords
for Pop-up Greeting Cards (Auto reply)

This form is for getting passwords of pop-up Greeting Cards.

You can download 10 pop-up card patterns of greeting card on this site now. If you want the passwords, please send me this form. I will send you 10 passwords at once. The passwords are FREE.

Please check

If you do not receive the email, please check your spam email folder first. If you do not receive it at all, click the icon "Email not arrived" at the bottom to send a blank email. I will reply to that address later. (It will take a while.)

Notice for using files

You can use these pattern files for personal use only.
You can send the card that you made to your friends.
You can upload the photo you take the card that you made.

But you can not re-upload passwords and patterns to any site.
You can not distribute printed patterns to people. You can not sell these files.
You can not use these files for commercial use.

Dear GMX mail users(2024.01.12)
This auto-reply system seems to occasionally occur an error when trying to reply to GMX mail addresses. I am sorry, but if you do not receive a reply e-mail, please try another e-mail address.

Mail text is renewed at 2023.10.25
(Former renewal at 2023.05.20 )

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* Agreement I read and agree with the notice for using files.
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