Making card : New year's card, Suffolk sheep

* For print, white paper (size:A4)
* For cover, A5 size paper.

* Utility knife * Cutting mat
* Glue
* press line tool (ex. Eyeleteer)
* Ruler

Please make as below picthures.

Cut off the slit for putting in parts.

Fold half part(2)(3)(4). Paste part(3) and (4) to part(2). Part(3) is forelegs.

Paste another side too.

Fold and paste part(5).

Fold part(5) and (6). Paste part(5) and (6) to part(2). Don't glue inside of parts.

Fold and paste part(8) and (9) to part(7).

Paste another side.

Paste part(10) to part(7).

Paste sheep to part(1).

Paste the card to A5 size paper. First, paste a side.

Paste another side.

Cut off uneven edges.

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