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Former the head office of Fukui Bank (Former location :Fukui City)

The head office of the Fukui Bank was completed in September 1936. It was designed by Taku Yamada (may be read differently), and construction work began in 1935.
In the air raid on Fukui on July 19, 1945, the head office was only destroyed by fire in one room on the second floor, but 9 of the 11 main and branch offices in Fukui City were destroyed by fire. These branches were temporarily housed in the head office and resumed operations on 25 July.
On 28 June, 1948, the Fukui Earthquake occurred. The building did not collapse, but the surrounding fire spread inside, destroying all but the basement. The restoration of the building was completed in 1949.
In 1960, as part of Fukui Bank's 60th anniversary project, a new building was started to construct adjacent to the main building. Construction of the new building and renovation of the main building were completed in 1962.
An extension was built in 1999 and the building was used until it was demolished in 2018 to be replaced by a new head office.

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* The building in 1936


* The building in 1962


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