Pop-up card with separate piece

This pop-up card was created.
The model is the former head office of the Fukui Bank, but the history of the building is another time. In this article, I will write about the design of the card.

This building has attached pilasters at the front and the walls are slightly set back. I would like to create the shape on the card, but if I design it on a single sheet of paper, the space between the pilaster and the window will be very narrow and it will not be strong enough when the card is opened and closed.
So I decided (as I sometimes do) to make the card using separate piece.

For the body part, I made only the pilasters with the middle part like this, and to glue the wall from the back with the separate piece on the right side.

When designing on a single sheet of paper, I often leave out the steps between the rooftop and the parapet. This time I wanted to make the parapet properly.

Therefore, I have designed this structure.

In order to lower the rooftop area a little, I would cut it off at line A. As the rooftop is not stable as it is, a separate piece supports it by gluing at three points: on the rooftop, on the front wall and on the ground.

The photo of the actual card.
The part has just been glued to the ground.

The rooftop part is glued and finally glued to the back side of the front parapet.

Although omitted in the schematic drawing above, the piece is actually also glued together at the left and right parts of the piece to stabilize them.

Using separate piece, the roof of the entrance can also be created in this way.

It is supported in two places by the pilasters and the back wall, so there are no problems with the opening and closing action. I like this roof a bit.

The main site will be updated after the other cards are made.