Pop-up Hokkaido

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It’s April. It is the start of a new academic year in Japan.
I updated the pop-up card, but this time there ...

Pop-up Kyushu Okinawa

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I have updated my pop-up cards. This time I made two pop-up cards of the buildings in Kumamoto Prefecture.

The ...

Pop-up Shikoku

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I updated pop-up card.

This time there is only one pop-up card. I made the pop-up card of the old Tokushima Cit ...

Pop-up Tohoku

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March 11th is coming soon. It’s been five years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, so I made pop-up cards o ...

Pop-up Kanto

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I updated pop-up card.
This time is the buildings in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The photo above is the former Shim ...