Pop-up card, Former Hatayama Hydroelectric Power Station

There is a remains of the former Hatayama Hydroelectric Power Station in Aki City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan. The power station itself was abolished in 1973 and seems to be abandoned. I saw information on the internet that the roof was collapsing due to heavy rain around 2018, but I could not find out the details.

This photo is a pop-up card of the former Hatayama Power Station I made in 2013. At that time, I uploaded only photos. The paper pattern was not released.

In those days, I had a consciousness to fit it on only one sheet of A5 size paper as much as possible, so I made the eaves as shown in the photo.

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Pop-up card : Buildings in Azerbaijan

It is the first update of my main site this year.

Three types of Azerbaijani pop-up cards have been released.
With updating the main site, I modified the Mardacan Tower that posted in yesterday’s blog. Part C in the photo corresponds to the top of the tower, and its shape has changed.

Since the part B supports the cylindrical part, colored paper is pasted so as not to stand out after assembly, the same color as the cover.

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Trial and error, making pop-up

Around the 12th and 14th centuries, towers and forts were built as defense facilities on the Absheron Peninsula around Baku in Azerbaijan.
The Mardacan Tower is one of them. It looks as this drawing.

By the way, there are two towers in Mardakan. One is circular and the other is square, so this is called the Mardakan circular tower (Dairəvi Mərdəkan qalası) to distinguish them.
It is a 16m high tower built in the 13th century. A wall surrounds the tower, and the space between them seems unexpectedly small.

I decided to make a pop-up card modeled after this tower.

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Pop-up card of “Maiden Tower”

I celebrated the new year in bed. I was sick on January 1st and 2nd despite the new year. I don’t feel like this year will be a good year maybe.
Well, I wish it would be upward from here, this is my first article of the year.

Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, has a walled old city that has been designated as a World Heritage Site. The name of the World Heritage Site is “Walled City of Baku with the Shirvanshah’s Palace and Maiden Tower”.

On the east side of the old city, there is a tower called Guz Garası. It is called also “Maiden’s Tower”. Considering from the location, this tower must have been part of the city walls.
This time, I made a pop-up card of this tower.

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