Koshin-etsu area

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(Continued from the last article)
I entered the assembly hall from the west side and exited from the east side.

Koshin-etsu area

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This building is the former Koshoku City Office, built in 1966. After Koshoku City became Chikuma City, it was called ...

Historical material

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On February 23rd, a tour of the old Koshoku City Office was held.
This building was completed in 1966 as Koshoku ...

Pop-up Kyushu Okinawa

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I reworked the pop-up card of the former Miyakonojo City Public Hall (previously created in 2017).
The image is t ...

Pop-up Tokai

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The current Gifu Civic Hall located in Mieji-cho, Gifu City, was built in 1967. Prior to that, the Gifu City Public H ...