Historical material

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This is a continuation of my previous article on postcards from the Meiji era.

In 1900, the Postal Law was enac ...

How to make pop-up cards

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The pop-up card of the former Kyosei Company that I made last time, but when I look at the completed photo, I am worr ...

Historical material

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The other day, I read a book “History of Meiji Prints” (written by Shinichiro Iwakiri, Yoshikawa Kobunkan ...

Paper craft : Lost buildings

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I used to say, “Make a paper craft of lost architecture,” but  nothing had progressed since then.
Sin ...

Pop-up card : Buildings in Hokkaido, Japan

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I updated the main site after a long time. I was too much lazy.
This time I updated the architecture of Hokkaido, ...