Pop-up Kyushu Okinawa

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The pop-up cards of Japanese buildings have been updated.
This time I created the Shitsu Catholic Church which is ...

Pop-up Kinki

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On 14 September, Hoshino Resort Inc. announced that it plans to open a hotel using the buildings in the former Nara P ...

Pop-up Chugoku

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In 2004, I designed this pop-up card.
The model was Nishi-Iwakuni Station in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. ...

Pop-up Kyushu Okinawa

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I reworked the pop-up card of the former Miyakonojo City Public Hall (previously created in 2017).
The image is t ...

Pop-up Tokai

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The current Gifu Civic Hall located in Mieji-cho, Gifu City, was built in 1967. Prior to that, the Gifu City Public H ...