Demolition of the former Koshoku City Office

As it was now the second half of March, I went on the 20th, a public holiday, to check on the demolition status of the former Koshoku City Office.
As before, I only took pictures from the road on a holiday when there was no construction work going on, so I didn’t check the inside of the building.

Scaffolding which was not there last time was erected in the north building.
Most of the windowpanes in the main building seem to have been removed.

This is the east wall of the main building.

Moving a little to the south, we can see the main building and the former health centre. The health centre is covered with black sheets.

The sign of the name of the construction work says “Koshoku Fire Department Building Improvement Project in 2023".
The former health centre will not be demolished but used as a fire station building. It looks like the repairing of the exterior wall has just started.

Zoom in on the rooftop of the main building.

I have moved to the west side of the buildings. It appears that scaffolding has started to set up on the west side of the main building.

The corridor between the main and north building has been removed.

Moved to the northwest side.
A heavy equipment could be seen, but it was a holiday, so was not moving. Some window panes remain in the main building.

View of the north side. Scaffolding has been erected on the north building (rear of the photo) and the annex (centre of the photo).

The annex building had begun to be demolished, and the steel frame was partially visible.

Since the shape of the roof was changed later, I guess that the steel frame was added later, not when the building was newly constructed.
My guess is that the roof was rebuilt from above due to a leak or something.

Moving a little, here is the east side of the annex. The steel frame was visible here as well.

The last photo is the north side of the north building.

According to a report in the Shinano Mainichi Shimbun of March 16, Seisen Jogakuin University and Junior College (Nagano City) is planning to build a new campus on the site where the former Koshoku City Office was demolished.
The plan is still in the conceptual stage, so no official announcement has been made yet.
So I will wait until an official announcement is made.

The demolition of the former government building will be underway, so I am planning to go back in April or May to see how things are going.

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Posted by Sakyo K.