Former Koshoku City Office under demolition


In November last year, I wrote an article about the demolition of the former Koshoku City Office.
I didn’t go there for a while because I thought it would be a nuisance to wander around during the demolition work, but I went to see the progress on Saturday,  because I heard that the construction work was closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

The buildings are surrounded by a wall, and a large sign says 'demolition in progress’.
I couldn’t go inside, so I just took photos from the road.

This is the main building.
The main building still has the window glasses.

To the left is the south government building, which used to be a health centre.
This building will not be demolished and will be used as a fire station building.

I turned to the north. The windows of the New North building have already been removed.

The New North building (back) and the Annex (front).

The photo of the Annex has been slightly brightened.
We can see the shape of the attic. And we can also see the wall with concrete blocks.

To the west of the Annex is the conference room. The main government building can be seen at the back.
I was relieved that it was Saturday, but there were people in the construction office.
According to the plan, construction work is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, but it seems to be carried out on Saturdays in some cases.

Zoomed-in view of the west faces of the main and south government buildings from the road in the distance.
These two buildings had crosswalks on the third and fourth floors, but these had already been removed.

But the corridor connecting the main building and the New North building was still in place.

According to the demolition plan, the interior of the New North building and the main building will be demolished in February, and the frame of the New North building will be demolished from the end of March to the first half of April.
The demolition of main building’s interior will continue until the end of April. The demolition of the building frame is said to take place from May to early July.

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Posted by Sakyo K.