Pop-up card: buildings in Tokushima Prefecture

I have not been able to update the main website at all this year, but I finally managed to do so.
Pop-up cards were created using Tokushima Prefecture’s architecture as models.
Four different pop-up cards were published, but as usual, only one pattern is downloadable.

The first photo shows a pop-up card for the former Ikeda branch of the Monopoly Bureau.

This building was demolished in 1968 and no longer exists, but I created this card based on the photos in the Ikeda Town history and other publications.
This time, the pattern of this card is able to be download, if you would like to use it.

My website initially produced pop-up cards modeled on architecture from the Meiji era to 1945.
Since I started the site more than 20 years ago, post-war buildings are now also registered as tangible cultural material and my own interest in post-war buildings has expanded.

Therefore, for the second card, I chose a post-war building, the former Tsuji branch of the Shikoku Bank. This building is located in Miyoshi City.

This is a bank built in 1959.
It is currently used as a green tea sales shop and office and was registered as a tangible cultural property in 2023.

The third card is former the clinic building of Kitamuro Doctor’s Office in Tsurugi Town, Mima County.

The history of the Kitamuro Doctor’s Office dates back to 1868. This building was built in 1921 and was used as a clinic until 2019.
After the clinic was closed, the owner repaired the building, restored it to its appearance as it was when it was completed and began to open it to the public as a museum in 2020. 
And in the same year, the building was listed as a registered tangible cultural property.

The last card is the former Miyoshi County Public Hall, which does not exist. It was built in 1913 and renamed Ikeda Town Public Hall after the abolition of the county system.

After the World War II, it was used as a junior high school building. I was unable to find out the year of demolition, but I assume it was probably used until the late 1960s.

There are two cards modeled on buildings that no longer exist, both of which were in the former Ikeda town, now Miyoshi City.
I will write another article on these two later.

Pop-up Shikoku

Posted by Sakyo K.