Refinement of the pop-up Card

At the end of my last article, I wrote that the balance of the building  was a little different from the actual church.
I thought for a moment about leaving it as it was, but I still felt bad leaving it as I had noticed it.

I did not write this last time, but I used Santa Maria Church in the Philippines as a model. If you search for “Santa Maria Church, Ilocos Sur," you can see the actual church.

The figure on the left, which I used in the previous article, was actually drawn only from my memory after I finished making the card. Because I made the card with a different balance from the actual one, I had an assumption that the actual church is also shaped like this. It is now a “false memory".

I drew a figure on the right again, this time looking at the photos of the real church.

First, let’s lower the small tower. I show only the small tower part from the pattern.

Actually cutting and folding the paper is time-consuming, but it is easy if I just manipulate the drawing on the computer screen.
The paper pattern shown on the left was shortened to the one shown on the right.
The upper part was also shortened to connect with the roof. I then added protrusions to give it a building-like appearance.

Of course, this is not the only part to be modified, so other parts will be modified according to the dimensions.
It is easy to shorten the tower, but it is no good if the dimensions do not match the other parts.

Since I had already assembled the card once, I had a clear image in my mind of how to glue the parts and how they would look in three dimensions, so it was easy for me to do.

Here is the finished card.

The position of the glue allowance can be seen when the card is illuminated from behind. (It is not “only" the glue allowance that appears dark.)

For comparison, I also show the card before the refinement.

The angles are a little different, so it is difficult to tell.

I have also taken side-by-side photos, so I will post them here as well.
I thought this one would be easier to understand…but the buildings in this photo are too small.

Actually, I don’t plan to publish this pattern, so I may be the only one who cares about the changes I made.

But I feel worse about posting unsatisfactory work on the site. It is my work, so if I am not satisfied with it, it is no good.

So I will post the refined version on the main site. The expected update date is December 25th.