Pop-up card of Nay Gumbad Masjid


The Nay Gumbad Masjid ( Nine domed Mosque), which I uploaded yesterday, didn’t look like the nine domes were lined up, so I decided to remake it.

I don’t want to make all of the 3×3 domes, but if I make half of the building, it will be look like the rows of the domes. So I changed the pattern data. To extend the depth to create a space behind the dome in the first row.
Assemble the second row dome here. To be exact, only half of the dome in the second row.

I cut out the parts like the photo from another Kent paper.

The dome in the first photo has only the front half. So I use a part to make the back side of the first row’s domes , then another part to the second row.
Simply making a dome does not move in conjunction with the opening and closing of the card, so the legs of the parts are extended to connect with the base part.

I glued each part together to make it look like this.
Glue this to the first pattern, it will have two rows of domes.

I use woodworking bond to paste this part.

By the way, the other day I find a yellow-green bottle of woodworking bond at a DIY store and bought it, but it says “for woodworking and versatile". In addition to “wood, leather, cloth, and paper", “can be used for PVC and metal (only one side)".

Looking at the label, the ingredients are different.
For woodworking (yellow bottle) Ingredients: Vinyl acetate resin (41%) Water (59%)
Versatile (yellow-green bottle) Ingredients: Ethylene-vinyl acetate resin (56%) Water (44%)

When I use a woodworking bond to paste small parts, I always put it out a little on paper and apply it with a toothpick. Since the versatile one (yellow-green bottle) has less water, the one that was put out dried quickly on the paper.
But I basically only glue the paper together, so maybe it doesn’t make sense to use it.

I wonder if it is hard to wrinkle if there is little water(?). I haven’t used it for a large area yet, so I will try various things again.

Adhere the parts and the body.

Since it is not possible to bond well in a three-dimensional state, fold it back flat again and align it to bond. Due to the thickness of the paper, it is difficult to fit neatly.

Now that the bonding is finished, fold it again. Can this be folded properly? Even if I fold it, it opens this much naturally when I release it.

It seemed to be in shape when opened it at right angle.

I paste a cover paper on the back side. The parts in the center of the dome in the foreground are connected to the ground with legs that extend to the left and right, and the dome will rise properly ?

The legs of the parts are not so thick because I want to be able to see the color paper when viewed from the front. I am afraid that the strength may not be enough.

So, please check the video at the end.

The domes are rise, but the dome in the first row isn’t completely up. It is leaning forward a little.

Are the creases of Kent paper too hard ?  I think it may be better to make the dome part weaker by making more dotted cuts in the creases.

Also, it may be better to make the legs of the inner parts a little thicker. Or stick two sheets of paper together to make them thicker ?

No, it seems better to make only the inner support parts out of brown paper.  That way, even if I don’t cut out the center, the inside looks brown when viewed from the front. That may be better.

(… I wrote about some refinements, but I don’t feel like to make the same one anymore. I will use it for another card.)