Triceratops pop-up card

I have added a new category to my greeting cards. I created a category named “Extinct Species" and made a Triceratops as the first work.

I posted the instructions for making it on the main site, so I’ll write about the process of completing it on my blog.

When making the dinosaur pop-up card, I thought that I wanted to make it voluminous.
Since it folds up, the limbs and other parts are flat, but I want to at least make the torso three-dimensional.

I thought it would be possible to make the body look wider by adding support parts on the inside, so I started by making a prototype.

The first prototype.
(The version number is just for my own notes. The version will be 1.0 when it is released to the public.)

I thought the basic shape would work, although there are a lot of gaps in the back and so on.

But I thought it was good only when viewed from the side, and from the front, the face looks a bit squashed.
And I would like to make the ruffles a little wider at least.

Then, I noticed something even stranger. The mouth is strange. I really want to fix this.

So, improvements were made. (I set it to ver. 0.95 because I have a desire that the next one I make will be 1.0. But in reality, it won’t.)

First, I changed the parts of the face. I add a piece of paper under the chin so that the mouth would not look broken.
(I used different drawing paper, so the color is a little different than ver. 0.9.)

I also modified the inner support parts to look like the picture. When opened, the arrow part pushes the ruffles of Triceratops apart.

The gap in the back is not fixed yet, but I think the ruffles are now wider.

The mouth also looks a little cuter now, doesn’t it?

However… I don’t like the horns. It’s pointing too far inward.
I want the horns to point outward more when the card is opened.

I changed the way I made the horns as connected the left and right sides.

Now, when the card is opened, the horns will spread out to the left and right.

Now I just need to fix the too big difference between the back and the waist.
But.. when I was opening and closing the ruffles,  I became concerned about the projection that spreads the ruffles.

From the beginning, I assumed that this protrusion would be visible, so I have put colored paper on top of it, but when I opened and closed the card, the underside of the protrusion was also unexpectedly visible, so I was concerned about the white part.
The colored drawing paper to be pasted on the protrusions would also be improved.

After repeating this process, I came to the point where I could post it on the main site.

It was tedious to make the assembly procedure page, but since I made it, I would be grateful if you could try the pattern if you like.

Main Site Triceratops

The reason I did not name the category “Dinosaurs" is that I would like to include Cenozoic organisms in my work. Though I am not sure when the next one will be made.