Pop-up card of the former Kami-ina Library (2)

The Ina City SOUZOU-KAN has a model of the Kami-ina Library as when it was completed in 1930.
The major differences compared to the present building are that the triangular roof is not attached to the front rooftop and the window frames are not sashes but detailed window frames probably made of iron.

Therefore, I will rework the roof and window parts of the pop-up card pattern I made the other day.

I decided to glue the roof part separately, and all the parts ended up like this.
The three parts to be supported from the back with colored drawing paper are the eaves of the entrance, the eaves of the right side entrance, and the upper part of the center window.

Gluing the rooftop part.
This part is solid, so the reinforcement on the left and right should not be necessary.

Gluing the eaves of the entrance.

This part is the support for the upper part of the center window,  the paper is too soft to use only colored drawing paper, so I pasted Kent paper to it.

All of the colored drawing paper for the support had been glued in place.

The glued parts can be seen when the light shines on them from behind.

So, this completes the pop-up card for the former Kami-ina Library.

I did not publish the pattern this time, but I have updated the main site, so please take a look.
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