Pop-up card of the former Kami-ina Library (1)

This is a pop-up card for the former Kami-ina Library that I created in 2013 (nine years ago).
At that time, I prioritized to create the work as a single sheet of paper as much as possible, so the eaves of the entrance was cut up from the ground and inserted into the wall.

This year, after visiting the former Kami-ina Library (now the Ina City SOUZOU-KAN), I began to feel that the cards I had made before did not express the atmosphere of the building very well.

First, the roof is too high. Next, the protrusion of the window in the center seemed insufficient.
Then, the corners of the building are a bit rounded, and I wanted to show that in the pop-up card.

I decided to use separate parts instead of sticking to making it with only one sheet of paper.

I made the eaves of the entrance as a separate part, and the eaves of the entrance on the right side were to be supported by attaching a separate part from the back. Here is the prototype I made. If the support is made of the same paper as the colored construction paper used for the cover of the pop-up card, it will be inconspicuous. In an attempt to reduce the number of parts as much as possible, the eaves of the entrance and the side entrance are supported by the same part.

This is what the parts look like before being glued together.

However, some problems occurred when I opened and closed the card after the cover was glued. The parts pointed with arrows were bent and crushed.
Also, the colored paper supporting the eaves is unstable and does not open smoothly. It seems the support parts have to be glued directly to the base part.

I had to design it again.
In the end, I decided to support the eaves and the window in the center with different parts, and to glue reinforcement parts to the roof part. The number of parts has increased…

All parts glued together. It turned out to be a hassle, but since I do not plan to publish this pattern, I guess it’s okay.

Here is the completed pop-up card.

It is now complete.

..I wanted to call this one finished, but I had seen the model of the building when it was completed. And I prefer the shape without the roof. The window frames are also more tasteful before they were made into sashes.
So, I decided to make a pop-up card of the original 1930 model. (To be continued)