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Former Takefu Public Hall (Echizen City)

This building was constructed in 1929 as the Takefu Town Public Hall. The building was designed by Katsu Adachi (or may be read differently), and the construction cost was donated by the townspeople.
In 1948, Takefu City was established through the merger of Takefu Town and Kamiyama Village, and this building became the city office building.
In 1949, the city's fire department was temporarily installed on the third floor. The next year, the fire department building was completed next to the city office, but a watchtower was also constructed in the city office, and the fire department continued to use the part of the building.
In 1955, a new city office building was completed and the city office was relocated. The building housed administrative organizations and various groups. In 1990, the building was taken out of service due to its age. Demolition was briefly considered, but the decision was made to renovate the building and continue using it. In 1995 it was opened as the Memorial Hall of Takefu Public Hall.
The building was registered as a national tangible cultural property in 2005 and as a registered museum in 2008.

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