How to make card : Snowman family

* For print, white paper (size:B5)
* Kent Paper : size A5
* For cover, two sheets of color paper. size 220mm*158mm (larger than A5 size)

* Utility knife * Cutting mat
* Glue
* Press line tool (ex. Eyeleteer)
* Ruler * Tweezers

Please make as below picthures.

This card needs one sheet of A5 size Kent paper and two sheets of color paper. Make the color paper larger than A5 (the edges are cut finally)
Print the pattern on B5 copy paper.

The 1st page pattern has colored parts. Cut out the parts. The margin will used as the guide for pasting.

Fix the Kent paper to the pattern with tape. Press the colored lines and cut the black lines. (Please check this page.)
Cut off the surrounding gray area at the end.
It does not need to fold yet.

Paste colored parts to the backside of the Kent paper. It is easier to use the remainder paper as the guide when put glue on.

The colored parts was pasted.

Fold the Kent paper.

Cut the color drawing paper using the second page pattern.
Main parts should be folded in half fitting these holes.
(Note) Align the cut holes, not the edges of the paper.

Put the Kent paper back flat and paste the small parts like this. (If you want, please use another color paper as making the small parts.)

Paste small snowman to the center part.

Temporarily insert Kent paper into red paper and check if it fits well. If the Kent paper is large, adjust it by cutting off the edges.
After checking the area to apply the glue, first paste one side.

Paste the another side.

Paste the outer color paper. In particular, be sure to glue the edge of the corners.

Just pasted the outer paper.

For aline the edges, mark the point 3mm from the edge of the Kent paper with a cutter knife. Need two point. And it is need to visible the point from the back side.

Fold the card and place it the marker is on top, and cut off the edges using a steel ruler. Please fix the ruler firmly by your hand. And add lesser force to the cutter than ruler.

Cut the remaining two sides in the same way.
This is complete.

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