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Holstentor [Holsten Gate]  (Lübeck)

Lübeck, which prospered as a Hanseatic city, protected the city with walls and fortresses for defense in the 17th and 18th centuries, and had only three entrances: Burg Gate in the north, Mürren Gate in the south, and Holsten Gate in the west. The Holsten Gate was built in 1478. The thickness of the outer (western) wall is set at 3m or more in preparation for attacks from foreign enemies. The inner thickness is about 1m. Partly because the ground was weak, it is said that it tilted to the west due to its weight.
The fortresses were built on the left and right sides of the Holsten Gate, but they were removed in the early 19th century.
There is now a history museum inside.

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