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Saint Augustine Church of Paoay (Paoay)

This is a Catholic church in Paoay, North Ilocos, Luzon. It was built during the Spanish colonial period (Spanish: Iglesia de San Agustín de Paoay). It is called added the name of the place because there are other churches named San Agustín. Often it is called "Paoay Church" simply.
The construction of the present cathedral began in 1694 and was completed in 1710. It features a massive 5.5-foot-thick (1.67 m) buttress on the side of the church. The thick buttresses were apparently built to cope with earthquakes.
The construction of the bell tower is said to have begun in 1793, but the date of completion could not be determined. It is said that it was built a little apart from the church as a measure against earthquakes.
In 1993, the church was registered as a World Heritage Site together with other churches as "Baroque Churches in the Philippines".

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