Saints Borys and Hlib Cathedral, Chernihiv (Ukraine)

Chernihiv, located in northern Ukraine, flourished in the 11th-13th centuries as the central city of the Principality of Chernihiv, a branch of the Grand Duchy of Kiev.
The Saints Borys and Hlib Cathedral was built in the 12th century.
The invasion of Mongolia in 1239 destroyed the church and the Principality of Chernihiv. The church was then rebuilt in the 17th century and has been expanded and renovated in the 19th century.
The church was also damaged in World War II and rebuilt in 1952-58.
The area including the church is managed as a national architectural and historical reserve.
In February 2022, Russian troops temporarily entered Chernihiv as well and bombarded it. But I do not know now what damage was done to the buildings.

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