Poclovskaya Cathedral,Novgorod Kremlin
[Historic Monuments of Novgorod and Surroundings] (Russian Federation)

This church [Russian: Церковь Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы (Великий Новгород)] is inside Novgorod Kremli. It is built in contact with the wall of the fortress, and the Pokrovskaya Tower is built on the outside of the wall.
"Poclovskaya Cathedral" is a cathedral translated as "The Church of the Intercession of the Virgin" in English. In some cases it is called "Poclovsky Basilica" "Pokroff Basilica" etc.
The oldest description about this church is in the 14th century, but it was a wooden church in that time. It is said that the church was rebuilt in the 17th century. And it seems to that the current building is based of this building. After that repair and refurbishment are done. In the 18th century the Pokrovskaya Tower became a prison, so this church was used as a prison church. It was damaged during the Great Patriotic War (Russian side's name of the war with Nazi Germany of the Second World War) and restored in the 1960s.

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