How to make Pop-up card (Colored pattern)

Paper and Tools

* Paper for print. size=A5
* Color paper for cover. size=A5
* Utility knife
* Cutting mat
* Glue
* Press line tool (ex. Eyeleteer)
* Ruler

* Print the pattern on white papar. The size of paper is A5.

* The fold lines of this patttern are gray. So it may be hard to find the lines.

* If you can't find the fold lines, please check comparing with white paper pattern.

* Press the fold lines of the pattern by the eyeleteer for putting dents in Kent paper. This is done to make it easier to fold
Use a ruler always.

* Cut at black lines of pattern.

* Bending little by little along the fold line. 

* Please use tweezers to small parts.
Pull and press "B" and "C", and fold down the "A".

* When you are finished folding the paper, make the cover of the card.
Fold in half the color paper A5 size.

* Paste each papers with fitting at fold lines. At first, paste only one side.

* Paste a remaining side.

* If the edges of the white paper and color paper do not fit each other, please cut the edges using a knife and a ruler.

2016.12 rewrote