Kyushu, Okinawa area
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Ooita Prefecture

Former Oita City Office

Former Oita Prefectural Education Center

Former Oita Post Office, Telephone Branch

Former Niju-san Bank, the head office

Former Dr. Hino’s Office, the main building

Former Obata Memorial Library

Former the lodging house of Mizunokojima Lighthouse

Former the train shed of Bungo-mori
Former Beppu Post and Telephone Office, Telephone Substation
Former the bunker of Saeki Naval Flying Corps

Miyazaki Prefecture

 Former Miyakonojo City Public Hall 

Former Miyakonojo City Hall 

Former Handa Clinic 

Former Tabaru Village Office 

Former the main building of Miyazaki Prefectural Miyakonojo Junior High School

Former the Lecture Hall of Miyazaki Prefectural Miyakonojo Junior High School

Former Miyazaki Prefectural Education Center

Kurasaki Lighthouse

Ooyodogawa II Hydroelectric Power Station

Miyazaki Prefectural Office, the main building

Kurokita Hydroelectric Power Station

Former Miyazaki Agricultural and Industrial Bank

Former Choko-kan Museum of Miyazaki-Jingu Surine

An old photographic style image means that the building does not exist.