Aki Hydroelectric Power Company


The former Hatayama Hydroelectric Power Station, the model of the  pop-up card (photo) was built by Aki Hydroelectric Power Company in 1923.

Aki Hydroelectric Power Company was established in May 1911 with a permit.

The first power station was the Namuragawa power station (130kw) , which began supplying electricity in 1913.
The Namuragawa power plant was expanded in 1919. Then the Asahi power station (25kw) was constructed in 1922.
In 1923, the Hatayama power station (299kw), the model of the pop-up card this time, was constructed.
Furthermore, in 1934, the Todoroki power station was constructed, increasing the amount of electricity supplied.

An article in the 1912 official bulletin states that land expropriation for the construction of electric power facilities was approved. From the year and the place name Ioki Village, it can be seen that it was about the construction of the Namuragawa power station.


This project has been certified to be able to accommodate land under the Land Acquisition Act
Entrepreneur :  Aki Hydroelectric Power Co., Ltd.
Business type : Equipment related to power generation
Location : Ioki Village, Aki County, Kochi Pref.
As mentioned above, announced on July 10, 1945,  by the name of Prime Minister, Saionji Kinmochi.

By the way, in 1910s and in 1920s,  electric power companies were established in various places in Japan, and there were many electric power companies in Kochi prefecture.

Kochi Prefecture itself also operated the electric power company “Kochi Prefectural Electricity". Kochi Prefectural Electricity was established in 1903 at the suggestion of the governor. The construction work began the following year, but it was interrupted due to the Russo-Japanese War, so the construction was resumed in 1906, and power transmission began in 1909.

In 1920s, the rationalization of the power generation business was required nationwide. So the integration of electric power companies was promoted in Kochi Prefecture as well.
Kochi Prefectural Electric Co., Ltd. merged Shiragayama Hydroelectric Company in 1926, and merged three companies East-Tosa Electric Company and other two in 1934. Then, in 1936, it merged eight companies including Aki Hydroelectric Power Company.

With the merger with Kochi Prefectural Electric in 1936, the company name Aki Hydroelectric Power disappeared. The Hatayama power plant became to be managed by Kochi Prefectural Electricity.

Shikoku Electric Power Distribution Co., Ltd.

In August 1941, the national government promulgated and enforced the power distribution control ordinance, which made it a policy for the national government to control electric power. In September of the same year, the government ordered the establishment of Shikoku Electric Power Distribution Co., Ltd. by integrating the five companies of Kochi Prefectural Electric, Iyo Railway Electric, Toho Electric, Tosa Electric, and Shikoku Hydroelectric.

Shikoku Electric Power Distribution was established in 1942, and its head office was located in Niihama City. 
After that, the remaining electric power companies in Shikoku were integrated.

Shikoku Electric Power

After the war, the distribution control ordinance expired in 1946, and the reorganization of the electric power business was considered. The Electricity Business Reorganization Ordinance was promulgated in 1950, and the following year Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc. was established after the dissolution of Shikoku Electric Power Distribution.
After that, the Hatayama power station was used as a power station for Shikoku Electric Power Company.

The Hatayama power station was used until 1973.
As I wrote at the beginning of the previous article, it seems that the collapse is progressing now, but I do not know the detailed situation.

Finally, there was a place in Street View that seems to be the Hatayama power staition, so I will link it. Maybe the location is right.

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