Nagano Prefectural Art Museum


The Nagano Prefectural Art Museum was opened on April 10, 2021.
The building of old Shinano Art Museum was closed in October 2017 and dismantled, then this new building was constructed. The name was also changed from “Shinano Art Museum" to “Nagano Prefectural Art Museum".

The museum is on the east of Zenkoji Temple. Seen from the Zenkoji side, it is a glass-walled building.

The second photo was taken last October. This model was exhibited at the event as the half a year ago of the art museum opening,  that was held at Shinmai Media Garden (Matsumoto City).
Since the museum is built on a slope, the road behind it (upper left in the photo) leads directly to the plaza on the roof of the museum.

Here is the east entrance. Seen from the road, there is a square about 1m higher of the road. Beyond that, we can see the main hall of Zenkoji Temple. We can also take the stairs down from this square to the road on the left.

Walk west on the rooftop square. The front is the main hall of Zenkoji.

Looking to the right there, we see the site of Joyama Park. Actually, the construction of the park is not finished yet.

Return to the east and go down the stairs next to the main building. The left side of the photo is the main building, and the right side is the Higashiyama Kaii Museum, which are connected by a glass-walled connecting bridge in the center.

What looks white is Fujiko Nakaya’s work “Fog Sculpture".

Like this. (This video has no audio.)

This work is spouted at a fixed time, so it looks like this when it is not being demonstrated.

There is a free zone in the art museum where we can enter freely. The “exchange space" on the first floor is one of them. This time, two video works by Sumito Sakakibara and Euphrates are projected on the wall.

Next to the exchange space, there is a small space called “Open Gallery", which is a place to introduce ongoing creative activities such as community-based art projects.
Until June 27, “50 years to see in the city, memory, and scenery [daily memory map] with museums" is being held.

There is also a gallery in the basement.  “My SDGs Exhibition" is currently being held there.

I found a sign like this beside the stairs.

The dismantled old Shinano Art Museum wall was reproduced in one corner of the wall.
This is the wall of the lattice used in the auditorium on the 3rd floor of the old museum.

Actually, there is another place that is left as a memorial to the parts of the old museum.
That is this place.

This is a concrete wall along the road east of the museum. The Mashiko ware “Hito no Wa", which was attached at the tip of the beam in front of the old museum, was attached here.

I have a photo I took before, so I will post it. I remembered the ring in front of the old museum, but it was also attached to the roof of the exhibition room next to it. I noticed it for the first time when I looked back at the photo.

Well, the main exhibition this time is “Tokyo University of the Arts Super Clone Cultural Property Exhibition". I will write about it later.


Posted by Sakyo K.