Pop-up Card: School Building in Shimane Prefecture

I made a pop-up card of the building in Shimane Prefecture.
This time, the model is former the Auditorium of Arifuku Elementary School in Hamada City.

This auditorium was built in 1934.

Looking at the Arifuku school’s history, it seems that the school building was extended and reconstructed several times. In 1934, the main school building (west side) and the auditorium were constructed. The auditorium is made of reinforced concrete, while the main school building is made of wood.

According to the website “Former Shimane Citizen’s Room (Modern Architecture in Shimane Prefecture)," Ryuichi Akishika (Akishika Architects Office) designed the school. This article is based on newspaper articles and newspaper advertisements of the time.

Arifuku Village was merged into Kokufu Town in 1955. (The following year, part of the former Arifuku Village was incorporated into Gotsu City.)
In 1969, Kokufu Town was incorporated into Hamada City, and the name of the school was changed to Hamada Municipal Arifuku Elementary School.

However, in March 2015, the three schools of Kamiko Elementary School, Kokufu Elementary School, and Arifuku Elementary School were merged, and the school was inaugurated as Kokufu Elementary School in April. The closed school building of the former Arifuku Elementary School is now used as the Arifuku Branch of the Kokufu Community Center.

Today, I updated the main site to include pop-up cards of buildings in Shimane Prefecture.  The pattern of former the Auditorium of Arifuku Elementary School is available for download.

I think the roof above the entrance and the the stairs are difficult to fold. The stairs and the roof at the entrance are difficult to fold, so I made more incisions in the folds as shown in the photo.

[Reference] (written in Japanese)
“Former Shimane Citizen’s Room (Modern Architecture in Shimane Prefecture),"