Designing paper craft, former Yahata City Library (2)

About a paper craft of “lost architecture" series, but it does not progress easily.
This is the second progress report of the former Yahata City Library.

The parts of two walls have been completed. The reflection of the window I drew before was very strange, so I improved it first.
While I modified the windows, I became dissatisfied with the way the bricks were expressed, and I decided to improve the brickwork to make it more realistic.

Currently it looks like this.

(For comparison, I will re-paste the previous image.)

Although it is not within the range of the enlarged image, I also noticed that there were parts of the wall surface where the bricks were assembled vertically, so I decided to correct that as well.
Last time, the positional relationship between the window frame and the pillar was also incorrect, so I corrected it.
Since I was making such minor corrections, the overall structure has not yet been completed.

I’d like to complete it by the end of July, but if I’m silently working on it, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to proceed forever. By writing on a blog like this, I’m thinking of chasing myself down and getting my work done.