Pop-up card (Russian architecture, part 2)


I was not satisfied with the shape of the tower. Of Pokrovskaya Cathedral that I uploaded last time.
So I started by correcting it. It turned out like this.

By the way, this is what it looked like last time. This is too disappointing.

And this time, I made other pop-up cards, so please take a look.

This is Church of the Transfiguration on Ilyina Street, former Russian orthodox church. Although it is a church, but it seems to be used as a museum now.

I like this one the best among the ones I made this time, but I had to cut out many details. One of the features of this building is the reliefs on the walls, so I wanted to express that.  It’s not impossible to cut them out, but I decided not to upload the pattern on the site.

Moreover, I made it once, the depth was not enough, so I had to make it again. I cut the small pieces twice.

But I’m glad I did, because I was able to fix it like this.

The last one is the Vladimirskaya Tower of Novgorod Kremlin.
This one is rather easy to cut, but I was hesitant to publish the pattern for this one because it’s a little too similar to the Kremlin tower pattern I published last time.

So, I decided to release a modified version of the card I uploaded last time.
It’s better than before, so it’s okay to publish it. But the tower and the second floor may be a little difficult to fold.

Please give it a try if you like.

(2020.10.31) The download of the pattern of Pokrovskaya Cathedral has been closed.

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Posted by Sakyo K.