The pop-up card of Former Miyakonojo City Public Hall

I reworked the pop-up card of the former Miyakonojo City Public Hall (previously created in 2017).
The image is taken from “Guide to Miyakonojo City Commerce and Industry, 1934 Edition" (Miyakonojo Chamber of Commerce and Industry/1934), which shows that the first floor protrudes on the right side as we face it.

Since there were other parts of concern, I decided to re-create the card.

Here is the newly made pop-up card.
I took this photo from a similar angle as the one above.
The depth of the pop-up card is not as large as the actual building, so the first floor on the right side looks too far forward.
However, I think the overall impression is similar to the real building.

Taken from a little further away and slightly higher up.

This is a past work for comparison. It has been more than 5 years since I made this one.


(1) The height of the roof was lowered. The previous one was a little too high, making it look like a small building. Then, the way to cut the eaves was changed a little. I also made a cut in the folded line to make it easier to fold the roof.
(2) The entrance was moved back a little.
(3) I changed the way I made the stairs at the entrance. The staircase was previously divided into three parts to make it easier to fold. But it was changed to a method in which a cut is made in the folded line.
(4) There was decoration around the window, like a tile or some kind, so I had more cutouts above and below the window.
(5) The corner stone-like design at the corner of the building was made finer.

So, I think it is better than before.

Actually, there is another reason why I redesigned the card, I found out who designed this building.
It was designed by Koichi Sato. He is the man who designed the Okuma Memorial Auditorium of Waseda University (1927) (photo) and the Gunma Prefectural Office Building (1930).

The Miyakonojo City Public Hall was also completed in 1927, so it was built in the same year as the Okuma Memorial Auditorium.

In 1953, a book titled “Dr. Koichi Sato" (edited by Yasushi Tanabe and Yuichi Ino/ Shokoku-sha) was published, and I was able to confirm it in the Digital Collections of the National Diet Library (viewable through the transmission service).
In the “Chronology of Works" page of the book, the Miyakonojo City Public Hall is also listed, and it says, “Miyakonojo City Public Hall (November), Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture, reinforced concrete, 2 stories, total floor space 930 square meters".

When I made the card before, I did not know the designer, so I wrote “designer: unknown" on the previous pattern.
I was a bit surprised to find that the building was designed by someone whose name I knew well.
That is why I decided to make the pop-up card again.

You can download the pattern on the main site, so if you would like to use it, please feel free to do so.

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