Pop-up cards of the past buildings in Miyakonojo City


It has been a long time since I updated this page.
It took more than a week from the time the pattern was made to the time it was completed, but I was finally able to publish the pop-up cards.

Since I had been looking at various buildings in Miyakonojo City, I chose all of them from those that existed in the past (but no longer do) in Miyakonojo.

The first photo is the former Miyakonojo City Public Hall, which I only informed you that I made a pattern for last time.

Since it was unsatisfied to have only one card, I also made the main building and the auditorium of the former Miyakonojo Prefectural Junior High School, which existed in Miyakonojo City in the past.

This is the main building. It was built in 1930, but due to aging, a new school building was constructed in 1984, and its demolition was completed the following year.

After the World War II, the school became Miyakonojo Izumigaoka High School, but looking at the present building, we can see that it was constructed referring to the previous building.

This is the auditorium. The shape of the roof was not clear only from the front photo, but an aerial photograph shows that it is a gable roof, and the front wall was made in a decorative manner. Therefore, I made the card as gluing the separate part.

This time, I published the pattern of the former Miyakonojon City Public Hall that I made first.
There will be nothing too difficult to cut.  Only the stairs of the entrance part is a little difficult to fold. You can use it if you like.

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* Former Miyakonojo City Public Hall (the download closed in 2019.02.04)
* Former the main building of Miyazaki Prefectural Miyakonojo Junior High School
* Former the Lecture Hall of Miyazaki Prefectural Miyakonojo Junior High School