Pop-up card of “Maiden Tower”


I celebrated the new year in bed. I was sick on January 1st and 2nd despite the new year. I don’t feel like this year will be a good year maybe.
Well, I wish it would be upward from here, this is my first article of the year.

Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, has a walled old city that has been designated as a World Heritage Site. The name of the World Heritage Site is “Walled City of Baku with the Shirvanshah’s Palace and Maiden Tower".

On the east side of the old city, there is a tower called Guz Garası. It is called also “Maiden’s Tower". Considering from the location, this tower must have been part of the city walls.
This time, I made a pop-up card of this tower.

The Maiden Tower was built in the 12th century, but some say that the base of the tower was a Zoroastrian temple tower built in BC. The tower is 29.5 meters high and the diameter of the bottom of the cylinder is 16.5 meters, made of masonry.

The first card I made was a 90 degrees type pop-up card.

The masonry at the top of the tower is striped, so I made it jagged to show this. (I don’t think anyone would want to cut this, so the pattern will not be uploaded to the main site.)

I think that the jaggedness created an atmosphere, but there is only one entrance and there are few windows, so so I feel a little unsatisfactory.
So I changed to a 180 degrees type pop-up card.

I thought it would not stand out if the base paper was white, so I made it from brown paper. I didn’t notice that one of the jagged edges was stuck in the upper right corner when taking the photo. But I guess the total image is okay.

However, there are a lot of white gaps on the ground part, which is noticeable. I made too much room for the parts to be inserted.
Also, I made the inner support part from white paper, so it’s a little hard to see the shape.

When I rotated it, I found a bigger mistake. The shape of the arrow part. It was supposed to be parallel to the straight line extending from the wall, but it was misaligned. This is wrong…

So, I corrected the shape and started assembling.

In order to make the inner support brown, I pasted colored paper on the white paper. The colored paper is not strong enough, so pasted two sheets. The white part is remained,  these are glue margin, I wanted to prevent the paper from becoming too thick.

I thought it would be okay, so I assembled it, took pictures, and posted the video on Instagram and Twitter. Later, when I started to write this blog and prepare the photos, I noticed.

It’s out of alignment….

The height was supposed to be right, but it was off. On the top one, the three yellow protrusions are supposed to be the same height, but the center part is down. At the bottom, the red arrows were supposed to be aligned, but they were also out of alignment. I should have noticed this earlier….

I thought I would just ignore it and get on with it, but now that I had noticed it, I have to fix it.
I made some minor adjustments and reassembled it.

Making again. I corrected the shape a little, but it’s hard to tell the difference by the picture. So I’ll skip the intermediate steps and show you the finished photo.

This time, the misaligned position has been fixed.

It’s finally done….

I’ve uploaded the old pictures to Twitter and Instagram, but I’ve left them there. The re-shot video will be uploaded to the main site. 

May this year be a good year. 

(2021.01.20) It was uploaded to the main site.

(Translated : 2021.02.22)