Buildings in Padang (2)

Continuing from the previous article, I produced a pop-up card of a building in Padang.
This time, the model is the former Padang branch of De Javasche Bank.

The construction of this building started in 1921 during the Dutch colonial period and was completed in 1925.
In 1953, after Indonesia gained independence, Bank De Javashe became under the control of the Indonesian government, and Bank Indonesia took over its operations.

It was used as a branch until 1977, when the office was relocated and had since been used for the bank’s internal operations. 1988, it was declared a cultural heritage site by the city of Padang.
The building was recently renovated and opened as the Museum Bank Indonesia Padang in February 2024.

The map we used last time is re-posted here.

In the map, (6) is the location of the museum. This area was the financial and commercial center of Padang at that time.

For this card, the roof and porte-cochere were made from the main body paper, while the walls were made from different part.

Fold the parts.

The parts are glued from the ground. The porte-cochere part was also inserted and glued.
Finally, the roof part is glued in place.

It was good that the glued parts were not so noticeable even when lighting from behind.

According to news reports about the museum, admission is free, but for the time being, the number of visitors will be limited and visitors will have to make reservations. The tour will be accompanied by a guide, and visitors will also be able to see the vault.
The building will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year in 2025.

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Posted by Sakyo K.