Pop-up card : Buildings in Azerbaijan


It is the first update of my main site this year.

Three types of Azerbaijani pop-up cards have been released.
With updating the main site, I modified the Mardacan Tower that posted in yesterday’s blog. Part C in the photo corresponds to the top of the tower, and its shape has changed.

Since the part B supports the cylindrical part, colored paper is pasted so as not to stand out after assembly, the same color as the cover.

This is the state when the parts have been glued.

The upper part of the tower looks like the photo. Other photos and video of the Mardacan Tower are posted on the main site, and you can see.

The Maiden’s Tower, which was posted on the blog four days ago, was also posted on the main site. I made two types, 90 degrees type and 180 degrees type.

The third pop-up card is the Muhammad Mosque in the old town of Baku. The minaret (tower) is said to be built in the 11th century.

During the Russo-Persian War (1722-23), the minaret was damaged by bombardment of Russian troops from the Caspian Sea and was not rebuilt until the 19th century. So, the Muhammad Mosque is also known as Siniggala Mosque, which means “damaged tower".

This time, I had to revise it after posting it on the blog before updating the main site, so it became a restless article.
Finally the main site has been updated.

You can download the pattern of Muhammad Mosque, so please have a look if you like.
The Azerbaijan page on the main site is here.

(Translated : 2021.02.22)