Pop-up card “Nichirin-sha”


I made a pop-up card modeled after “Nichirin-sha".

This time I wanted to bring the eaves forward, so did it in a different way than usual.

Cutting the white paper. 

The small parallelogram is the eaves part of the doorway. I will glue it later.

I just folded it. Now glue the top and bottom together.

Another part is attached here. It is the eaves of the doorway.
I chose this photo because it’s easier to see after pasting the outer paper, but in reality I pasted the small parts first.

I thought after making it, but I should have made it a little wider so that the outer part looks like a rectangle.

I shot it by lighting from behind before pasting the outer paper. I often do it.

Attach the outer paper and it done.

Here is a comparison photo with the actual building.

But the position of the windows does not match the actual building. I should have adjusted it a little more.

It has not been posted on the main site yet, but this pop-up card will not be released on the paper pattern.

(Translated : 2021.03.18)

Pop-up Koshin-etsu

Posted by Sakyo K.