Pop-up card : buildings in Nagano Prefecture


I made a pop-up card modeled on the buildings of Nagano prefecture.
One is a new work and the other is a modified work of the previous one.
First, from the modified work. This is the modified version of “Nichirin-sha" in Azumino City, which was posted before.

Previously, I posted the pop-up card of Nichirin-sha only on the blog.

At that time, I pointed out the problems of (1) the shape of the eaves at the entrance was not good, and (2) the position of the windows did not match the real thing. 
But I had left it for several months.

The other day, I had just remade the pattern of the former Yamabe Elementary School, so I was motivated to remake the pattern of  Nichirin-sha.

The basic structure is the same as last time. The top and bottom are made separately and glued together. The eaves at the entrance is made into separate part, and it will be glued.
Last time, I folded every parts and then glued it, but the way was easy for the position to shift. So this time, I glued the eaves first and then folded it.

The position of the windows was slightly modified to match the real building. Then I widened the narrow entrance and adjusted the shape of the eaves so that it looked rectangular.

Glue the eaves first. Then glue the roof and fold it.

Omitting the progress, this is completed. 
I’ll also post a photo of the real building for comparison.


Next is a new work.

Next is a new work.

I wrote about this building on my blog before, this is the pop-up card of “former Uedamachi School".

This photo was posted before,it was taken when Emperor Meiji visited Ueda in 1878. I quoted it from “History of Ueda City" (1940). It seems that only this one photo of Ueda Street School remains, and the same photo is used in various materials. The shape of the entrance is a little difficult to understand, but I made it by imagination.

The pillars at the entrance seem to be thinner, but if it makes the paper thinner, it will bend. So it is considerably thicker than the real building.

Looking at the photo, the national flag is raised on the 3rd floor and many people are standing. I wanted to make both parts, the eaves and the back wall, I used different part to make the eaves. (Arrow part)

Lighting from backward, it will know where the part is glued.

The above two points are the pop-up cards I made this time.

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Posted by Sakyo K.