“Parco de Museum”

The Matsumoto City Museum of Art (Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture) is currently closed due to renovation work.
So the museum is working on the “Matsumoto Machinaka Art Project 2021", one of which is the “Parco de Museum", an art exhibition at the commercial facility Matsumoto Parco.

This is a bulletin board on the wall of the venue. The exhibition will be held from July 3rd to February 28th, 2022, but it will be divided into four periods and the contents of the exhibition will be changed.

I visited the venue the other day, so I write a visit.
Since photography is permitted, I will also post photos. 

A pretty manatee is floating. 

This is the work of sculptor Shunsuke Osone. Originally, he was a person who worked on the restoration of cultural properties at the National Treasure Repair Office of the Institute of Fine Arts. He makes sculptures using the dry lacquer technique.
As the national treasure including the statue of Asura of Kofuku-ji Temple, and the Goddess of Mercy of Todai-ji Templeand, dry lacquer technique is used in the Nara era. So his art work is connected with work of the restoration.

His works are not an animal as a species, but an individual animal as a model. The name of manatee is “Boku".

This is the Aldabra giant tortoise “Apple".

Next is the pink room. Wood carvings modeled on women are lined up.

The works are by Hideki Iinuma, a sculptor.
The following photo was taken from the corridor after leaving the exhibition hall. The wall surface is black only here in the corridor.

Next is Yayoi Kusama’s pumpkin.

By the way, the other day, there was news that Yayoi Kusama’s pumpkin installed on the beach was washed away by a typhoon. It happened in Naoshima Town in Kagawa Prefecture.

The next room is the works by the painter Yasuka Sudo. She suffered from an illness when she was a child, and has been producing while repeating hospitalization and discharge. She died of cancer at the age of 30. (2009)

A copperplate print work called “Hokai (meaning, Embrace in a heart)".

Her text was also posted at the venue.
From that, I quote a part of her sentence “My troubles" when she was 16 years old. (translated by Sakyo K)

“I was born with weapons. Illness and painting. Only with these two, the kind people sympathized, saved, and complimented me. That was all about me. I know I can’t be a genius, but I already see the vague path of life that I have to be a painter.
Nevertheless, I don’t have the positive power to open the way and create by myself. In such a way of life, this would be a blasphemy for life. “


The next venue is by photographer Daishi Sato.
Pictures of nature in Alaska are lined up.

There was his artist talk on August 19th, and I heard the talk before coming here. I heard about the explanations of the exhibition photos, so I was looking at them while remembering his explanation.
I haven’t come into contact with nature lately, so I’d like to walk somewhere in the mountains.

Next is the work by Aki Nakajima, metal modeling artist.
She produces the work which made the animals and plants a motif using copper and iron.

I like this atmosphere.

The last is the rooftop. There is an exhibition by Yasuhiro Chida, but it is raining.

It seems that the inside of the building over there is an exhibition, but I didn’t go because without an umbrella.
Let’s see it the next time. (This work on the roof is free to view.)

The first term is until August 29th (tomorrow), so I’m writing a blog in a hurry, but the works by Yasuka Sudo and the works by Aki Nakajima will end tomorrow. Other artists exhibition will start, so I would like to go there again if possible.

The admission fee is 500 yen.


Posted by Sakyo K.