Buildings that existed in the past in Miyakonojo City


Continuing from yesterday, I would like to write about buildings that existed in Miyakonojo City in the past.
Yesterday, I quoted a photo from “The record of Army Special Exercise and the Emperor’s Visit to Miyakonojo in 1935".
There are other photos as well.

For example, this is the former prefectural Miyakonojo Junior High School.
This was used as the headquarters during the army exercises.

Prefectural Miyakonojo Junior High School was the predecessor of today’s Miyakonojo Izumigaoka High School.
The second generation school building was built in 1930, but due to aging, it was rebuilt in 1984. The demolition of the old school building was completed the following year.

Here is a photo from the same book, it is marked as the Miyakonojo City Office.

As far as I tried to find on the Internet, I have not been able to find any information at all.
It may have to consult books such as the city history to find it.

One more thing from another source.
It is “Hyuga Kogyo Bank’s Ten Year History" published in 1944, and it has photos of the head office and branch offices of the bank.
The Miyakonojo branch is also included in it and its photo is shown.
(Hyuga Kogyo Bank Miyakonojo Branch)

Since the Hyuga Kogyo Bank was established in 1932 and the branch opened in the same year, I think it is reasonable to assume that the construction was completed in 1932, but I do not know how long this building existed.
In fact, when searching for images, one photo of the Miyakonojo branch of Hyuga Kogyo Bank taken in 1961 comes up, but it is already a different building.
Hyuga Kogyo Bank became Miyazaki Bank in 1962.
Perhaps it was rebuilt just before the bank changed its name?

I have listed several buildings that interest me, but I will look into them again later.
For now, I will give priority to the creating of the card, since I cannot proceed with the creating if I keep on researching.

[Supplementary note] (2018.11.08)

About the former Miyakonojo City Hall, I found that it was built in 1913 as the Miyakonojo Town Office.
In 1924, the town was incorporated as a city, and the building became the Miyakonojo City Office.
It was destroyed by fire in an air raid in 1945.

(From “Photo Book: Meiji Taisho Showa Miyakonojo: Memories of Hometown 84" edited by Shigefumi Hidagi, Kokusho-kanko-kai, 1979.9)

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