Pop-up card of Hyokeikan (improved version)

I have reworked the “Hyokeikan" pop-up card I made a few years ago.

Hyokeikan is a building in the Tokyo National Museum, planned in 1900 to commemorate the wedding of the Crown Prince (later Emperor Taisho), construction began in 1901, and completed in 1908.

The pop-up card I made previously looked like this. (2015)

I had flattened the walls at the time because there were no windows on the second floor, but it was a little unsatisfying, so I made the columns embossed on the second floor walls. I also changed how to make dome parts.

But as for the dome, it has more corners and it looks spiky, so was it good or bad? I would like to make it a little more rounded. I wonder if I should have changed the orientation by 90 degrees in the previous method. With a dome like this, it became thicker when folded, and I don’t think it was very good.

Hyokeikan was designed by Tokuma Katayama. He is the same person who designed Akasaka Rikyu, Nara National Museum, and Kyoto National Museum. The Akasaka Rikyu (former Crown Prince’s Palace) was constructed from 1899 to 1909, so it was built at a similar time.
Hyokeikan was opened in 1909, passed through the Great Kanto Earthquake and the war, and was designated as an important cultural property in 1978.

I looked for the photos I took of Hyokeikan, but surprisingly I didn’t take any.  I had thought I had visited it more.

What I found from past photos was data taken in May 2018. (Two pictures below)

At that time, a fence had been built at the entrance and the inside was not open to the public.

The Tokyo National Museum website also states that the museum is “closed for maintenance of the exhibition environment". It seems that the museum is open only during special events.

I remember going inside a long time ago, so I went back to the past to look for more photos, and found one from 2007.

I think it was taken from the inside of the central dome.

I found a photo from 2009 too, but the color is very different.  I don’t remember if the camera settings were different or if the lighting was of a different hue.

This lion was photographed in 2009. I remember that Hyokeikan was called “Midori no Lion (Green lion)".

Finally, two photos of pop-up cards. As usual, these are one lit from behind and the other with the backing paper attached.

I am hesitant to let others fold these domes, so I will not publish the pattern, but only the photos.
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Some of the exhibition facilities at the Tokyo National Museum have been open since June 2, but all of them require advance reservations (by date and time) via online. The museum will be open until 17:00. Only the special exhibition “Kimono" will be open until 18:00.
(Information as of the end of June 2020)

[Postscript] (2020.07.06)
The main site has also been updated.

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