MacBook Pro hurts my hands

I had a “Macbook pro hurts my hands" problem. The arrow points are edged so it hurts when my wrist or palm hits them while using it.

I recently bought a new MacBook Pro, but when I started using it, the way the edges hit me hurt more than my old computer. After using it for a little while, it became hard to continue using it.

I am not the only one who thinks this. If you search for it both in Japanese and in English, you will find some people having trouble.

Some people are giving advice as to how to deal with it,
(1) Attach a support part at the back and change the angle of the macbook to make it harder for your hand to hit it.
(2) File the corners of the Macbook. (Isn’t it a joke?)
(3) Attach something to act as a cushion.
(4) Wrap a cloth around your wrist to protect it.
And so on.

What makes me disgust is the response, “If you use it in a proper posture, it won’t hit you". I don’t want to hear that kind of advice. Hmmm… I wonder if I am in the minority in thinking that it hurts.
If it were me, I would think, “This is Apple’s bad design".

Well but, it says a lot of things, but for me it is painful and hard to keep using it. So I have to do something about this myself.
I’ll make do with what I have at home.

Here it is. Cushion tape for the front door.

Stick it on like this, and that’s it.

I stuck it so that it would be about 1mm above the palm rest so that it would be a cushion.

Even if it sticks out a little, it will not be a problem when folding the monitor.
The cushion is still visible when folded.

In my case I have had redness from rubbing alcohol, a rash from adhesive bandages, and I don’t know what kind, but I have also had metal allergies. So I wondered if I might get red while touching the rubber, but I had to try it to know for sure, so I used it for a while.
I know some people are allergic to natural rubber, but I wonder if synthetic rubber doesn’t have that concern? I am not sure because I have no knowledge about it. The material was written as EPDM foam.

I used it for a month and a half and there was no change in my case.
So far, the adhesive tape is starting to peel off a little bit where I touch it most often, but I don’t have any problems. Well, if it comes off, I can just replace it.


Posted by Sakyo K.