The pop-up card of Windhoek railway station (2)

In the previous issue, I posted photos of Windhoek railway station in Namibia.
At that time, I referred the difference between before and after the extension. So this time, I made a pop-up card of the building before the extension.

This one is reworked using the pattern from the previous card.

Since the card was made to fit the width of the card, it is not the same size as the card made last time. As it matchs the sizes and line up the two cards, before and after the extension, they look like this.

The right side of the building was extended with the same design as the left side. In addition, a building was added on the right side of the building.

There were other differences as well.
There are now entrances on either side of the main entrance, but there were none in 1912.
I suspect that the ramp at the main entrance was added much later, not in 1929.

The current station building includes the railway museum. A locomotive that was built in 1900 and operated from 1904 to 1939 is displayed in front of the station building, and other trains and materials are on display as well.

(The main website has new photos added to the previously updated page)

The actual size of the cards differs by this much. When I design the cards, I try to make the left and right margins smaller to make the buildings as large as possible. The different colors are due to the different types of paper used.

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Posted by Sakyo K.