Pop-up card of the former 9th Division Headquarters


Just as I was writing this blog, I saw an article about the opening date of the National Crafts Museum in Kanazawa, which will open on 25 October.
This pop-up card shows one of the buildings that will be used as the Crafts Museum, the former 9th Division Headquarters.

In fact, I uploades the card of the former 9th Division Headquarters.

This photo is the old version made in 2007.

At the time I made this card, the real building was in this condition, but it was bigger than this when it was newly built.

The 9th Division Headquarters was built in 1898 on the site of Kanazawa Castle, and at the time it was a wide building, as shown in the first photo. When it was moved in 1968, the wings were trimmed to make the building smaller.

When I learnt that the building was to be used as the National Crafts Museum, I also remake the card for the first time in 13 years.

The relocation of the Crafts Museum was proposed as part of the relocation of state-related institutions to local areas, in order to correct the concentration of artworks in Tokyo.
In 2017, it was officially announced by the National Museum of Modern Art that around 70% of the collection in Tokyo Crafts Museum would be moved to Kanazawa, and the head of the Crafts Division of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, who is responsible for the relocation, would work in Kanazawa.

On the Kanazawa side, the former 9th Division Headquarters building and the former Kanazawa Kaikosha were relocated, and parts of the building that had been removed in the past were to be restored and developed into a museum.

This photo shows a painting on the fence that surrounded the construction site in 2018.

The building on the left of the painting is the former 9th Division Headquarters and on the right is the former Kaikosha.

This picture was also painted on the same fence. The same picture was used in online articles and official announcements.

The former 9th Division headquarters was used as a school building of Kanazawa University for a while after the World War II. Both wing sections existed at that time,  but as mentioned earlier, they were reduced during the relocation. In this re-construction, the left and right wings were restored to their original state, as shown in the picture.

The other building, Kaikosha, is also included for reference, as I had made a card for this before.

This card was made by raising a piece of paper from the front ground and inserting it into the building.

Kanazawa Kaikosha was relocated in 1970, and the auditorium behind it was demolished at that time. In the picture, the building extends to the rear of the building, and this is the restored auditorium section.

I visited Kanazawa in 2018, at which time the building was undergoing relocation work at the former location and I only saw it from a distance. The photo shows the Kaikosha under work.

I’ve been away from museums and art galleries recently, but I wonder when I’ll be able to walk freely – if things seem to have settled down in October, I’d like to visit.

Regarding the 9th Division Headquarters pop-up card, I have not only made a card with the left and right wing sections restored, but I have also reworked the card when the building was reduced in size.

It hasn’t changed much, but I’ll post it.

The main website was updated yesterday. I updated the reworked versions of the previous cards, one from Toyama Prefecture and one from Ishikawa Prefecture. The downloadable pattern is the old Fushiki weather station which was referred in the previous blog. Please use it if you like.

(2022.03.18) The download of the old Fushiki weather station was closed.

Pop-up Hokuriku

Posted by Sakyo K.