Pop-up card: Former Tsuruga City Office

The model of this pop-up car is a building built after the world war II.
It is the former Tsuruga City Office built in 1974.
As mentioned briefly in the previous article, this city office was built as the next generation government building after the former Tsuruga Town Office.

In August 1973, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the city office and the firefighters’ union building next door. Takeo Sato Design Office was in charge of the design of the buildings, and Kumagai Corporation was in charge of the construction.
The opening ceremony was held in November of the following year.

Since the fifth floor of this building protrudes forward, I made the pop-up card adding another part. The front wall was made into a separate part.

The main body is bent as shown in the photo, and the part is glued together at the ground and rooftop sections.

The fifth floor part was bent and inserted into the wall and glued.

The card looks like this when viewed from the side.

The actual Tsuruga City Office underwent an earthquake-resistance diagnosis after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. As a result, it was determined that it did not meet seismic resistance standards and needed to be reinforced.
They considered the reinforcement work, but decided to rebuild the government building after comparing seismic retrofitting and new construction, and also considering the damage to the government buildings from the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake.

The construction work was carried out by building a new city office on the north side of the city office created by this pop-up card, on what was then a parking lot, and then demolishing the old town hall. The new building was completed in November 2021 and put into use in January 2022.

The old building was demolished in 2022.

Pop-up Hokuriku

Posted by Sakyo K.