Pop-up card (the buildings in Ibaraki Prefecture)


I updated pop-up card.
This time is the buildings in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The photo above is the former Shimotsuma Town Office. It was used as the Shimotsuma City Office Building with the enforcement of the city system. Then it was used as the Kuriyama Civic Hall after the construction of the new city office building. However, the building was dismantled in 2014 because of being damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, 2011.

The second photo is the former the Gym and Auditorium of Mitsukaido Elementary School. After the main building of Mitsukaido Elementary School was relocated in 1973, this gymnastics hall has been used as the city’s martial arts hall. Although the Budokan had undergone internal renovations such as the removal of the stage, it is in good condition and is still in use today.

For the work, the cut out rectangle is used as a part of the diagonal roof.

This time, it is able to be download that the pattern of the former Shimotsuma Town Office.
The roof becomes a little thicker when folded, so it’s a little difficult to fold. Please be careful.

(2016.06.19)  The pattern of the former Shimotsuma Town Office was closed.