Pop-up card: Roof and walls

I am making a pop-up card modeling a Christian church like this shape.
If I prioritize the shape of the front and make it three-dimensional, the structure would look like (1).

But the actual roof is like (2).
And I want to make a pop-up card like (2).

Therefore, I chose to make a card using a separate part.

A while ago, I uploaded a pattern using the separate parts (Shitsu Catholic Church), but it seems that not many people are interested in making one using the separate parts. Recently there are almost no requests for passwords for pop-up cards of Japanese architecture.
Therefore, I decided not to upload the pattern this time.  So it doesn’t matter if the process is complicated.

As for password requests, there have been more requests for greeting cards recently. It seems that “Snowman family," which I made a few years ago, is becoming popular now.
Many people send me comments with their requests, and I read them with gratitude.
I’m glad, thank you.

Back to the story.
Let’s go in the way of making the roof and walls in separate parts and gluing them together.
This real church has a bell tower on the side of the church, so I make that as well.

It is easier to make the small towers on the left and right sides of the church as separate parts, so I designed the parts as shown here.

I bend them once before attaching.

The front wall and the small tower were glued. It is starting to look like a building.

Gluing to the ground part.

After all the lower parts are glued, the shape of the building will be completed when the roof part is glued.

The glued part can be seen when the light shines on it from behind.

After attaching the base paper, it is now complete.

I noticed that the balance is a little different from that of the actual church. 
Well, I’m not going to publish the file, so it’s okay, right?

I am also working on cards that don’t use separate parts, I will update the main site when these are ready.
The churches I am currently working on are registered as a World Heritage site, it is not just one church, but a group of four churches in different locations. Therefore, I plan to post all four churches together on the main site.