Added sample files


The sample files page for pop-up cards has been updated.
Previously, there were only two patterns of pop-up cards, “Church" and “The Parthenon", but now I added a pop-up card named “Townscape".

There is no particular model building, and some buildings are combined to give the card a three-dimensional appearance. If the cutout is too small, it will be difficult, so I made the window larger to make it easier to cut.

I cut slits in the fold lines to make it easier to fold.
The slits looks faint in the photo taken with lighting from the back.

In the past, I didn’t often use slits, but nowadays I often do, because if the fold is too tight, the other thin parts may bend when opening and closing.

The Parthenon I uploaded earlier sometimes did not open and close smoothly due to the wide creases in the base.
So this time, I re-uploaded the Parthenon that was added the slits on the fold lines.

However, since the arrow part is still the most bendable part, the improvement was half-hearted. If the width of the arrow part is made wider, it will be easier to open and close, but doing so will change the impression, so I left it as it is.

This time I uploaded two patterns, a new one and a revised one. The sample files are not password protected, so they should be easy to use.